Roulette online

Roulette is perhaps the most famous casino game.

The prototypes of modern roulette appeared in the gaming establishments of France and Germany already in the 17th century. In modern form, roulette appeared for the first time in the casino Monte Carlo.

The popularity of the roulette is explained by the simplicity of the game, as well as by various possible betting options and their combination. Sometimes there are amazing combinations. In 1959 in the casino of the hotel “San Juan” the figure 10 fell 6 times in a row. You can quickly win, and you can quickly lose.

Now, without problems, you can play roulette online on the Internet. roulette There are many different systems and ways to play roulette. Some players make the whole field in the hope of winning a few chips, others put on one number and wait patiently until it falls out. If it drops out the whole amount again put it on this number.

In this case, the initial rate will grow 1296 times. Play roulette on the Internet is no longer a problem – almost all online casinos offer roulette among their games. Use the overview to choose a reliable and proven casino for playing roulette.

We add that to play roulette online on the computer is not more difficult, and often even much easier (it is more convenient to place bets and nobody interferes, in addition nobody will pour beer on the table).


Entering the casino, select the gaming table with acceptable bet sizes for you. The minimum and maximum bet on the table is usually in the interval 1:50 (sometimes 1: 100).

Running the game you will see the game table, from the bottom will be displayed gaming chips of various denominations available to you.

Click. Then select the value of the chips with which you will bet your bets. After that, make bets, click on the selected cells on the game board.


Roulette allows 10 types of bets, each with its own payouts. Bets cover a wide range of options, including single numbers, black or red, even or odd, ranges of numbers, etc. You can place as many bets as you want on each spin.

When you receive a win, you get the amount indicated in the amount of the payment plus your bet. For example, you put one dollar on a zero-two, dropped out 2. You get back 1 + 17 = 18 dollars. It’s easy to see that the chances of winning are slightly less than fair “as if there were no zeroes in roulette.” 1/37 of your bet (2.7%) is the casino’s revenue.

And though you can bet and win on the zero your return on roulette will be equal to 97.3% .In fact, to guarantee to win at roulette you have to make the whole field – 37 bets.To return you 36 bets. 1 bet – this will be the casino’s income from the game.

In some casinos, there is a player-friendly rule: when Zero drops out at equal rates, half of the bet on equal odds is returned

Sometimes it is possible to do so-called “Oral Betting.” These are rates of several special types. The numbers on the wheel are not in order. The Voisins de zero, orphelins and tiers divide the game wheel into three sector sectors. Finals – numbers ending in the same number, split finals – pairs of numbers ending in one digit.

There are also bets on neighbors: The bet on neighbors covers the neighboring numbers in relation to the number on which the bet is placed. For example, if you bet on number 25 plus the number directly to the left of 25 and to the number directly to the right of 25 on the roulette wheel (that is, one neighbor to the left and right), then the bet will include numbers 2, 25, and 17. This is called a bet on the number and one neighbor. You can also put on the room and four neighbors. (Example 21, 2, 25, 17, 34).

After you have made bets, press the Spin button (“rotate”), after the wheel has been rotated, if any of your bets played immediately the payment will be made. You can play several of your bets. Payouts for all played bets are added together.


The general principles of roulette are the same. In American roulette there is not 1 and 2 – Zero, for this the casino revenue on it is not 2.7 and 5.3%. It is easy to understand that the chances of winning a long distance in American roulette are two times worse.

Therefore, in the presence of European and American roulette, always choose European roulette. The French roulette differs from the European layout of the table and the fact that in it as rules in the case of a dropout of Zero you lose only half of the odds on simple odds, although this exception happens on European and American roulettes, depending on the policy of a particular casino.

After reading the rules you can immediately start the game. For roulette created a huge number of gaming systems. A slender system of roulette rates and payouts is generally loved by mathematicians to describe the theory of probability in gambling. We recommend reading the section of the game system.

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