Strategies for casino players

Do not say that the best goal of a player in a casino is to win money. And you can play in different ways.

How much to bet, when to change the rate, what games to choose – these questions are asked daily by millions of people. Many without knowing the strategies and systems use them intuitively in some form. Help the player to win capable gaming strategies and systems.

Attention! Remember that there are no strategies and systems that give a 100% win! Do not give in to advertising for money to get any secrets guaranteeing a win in the casino.

In addition, I note that on my site you can get to know in detail about the strategies and systems of playing roulette, poker, blackjack and other casino games for free.

Then the question arises whether to apply strategies and systems. The answer in some cases is definitely yes, but it depends on the type of game, as well as the size of the bet and money that you are willing to spend on the game. Any games are divided into 2 types:

The player is required to make some decision depending on the first phase of the game. (There are not many such games.) Example of blackjack, poker)
The player can only change the bet size, the rest does not depend on it. (Most games, Example: Roulette, machines)

Strategy games – can be used in the first type of games. The most advantageous for the player in terms of the probability of winning the sequence of actions, depending on the result obtained in the first stage of the game.

For example, when playing blackjack you have 16 points, and at the dealer 11.

The task is to collect 21 points, and the dealer stops at 17 and more.

Take a card or stop? Here, the strategy element comes into play. It would seem that a map set is not profitable, since the probability of a search is high. However, playing on the optimal strategy card must be taken – this is confirmed by calculations.

Game system – Sequences of actions providing for changing rates depending on the results of previous games. The system of the game one way or another apply all the players. Indeed, the game with equal bets is only suitable for some games.

Example: You have $ 100. Having made 100 bets for example on color for $ 1 probability, the fact that you win more than 10 dollars is only about 12%. On average, after 100 bets you will have 97.3 dollars.

Continuing further the game due to the percentage of casinos being withdrawn from each your bet through one hundred bets, you will lose an average of another $ 2.7.

And the probability of winning more than 50 dollars is 0.000007%, which is practically not realistic. Therefore, to win an amount exceeding the invested at least 2 times, you need to put more or apply the game system.

Simultaneous combination of strategies and systems is possible

In casino games where it is possible to apply the optimal strategy, you significantly improve the probability of your winnings. Always use the optimal strategy.

The question arises: if systems and strategies do not guarantee the result, then should they be applied? Strategy of the game in the casino where it is possible to apply always. Although of course, for example, in the above example of blackjack, you could win standing up from 16, and the dealer get busted, but at a long distance the wrong moves will inevitably affect the outcome, which will inevitably lead to a loss.

Luck in gambling matters more, but by using optimal strategies you will increase your possible winnings or reduce possible losses. Experienced players using the optimal strategy can be more successful than others (at long distances).

As for the application of systems, the following is triggered here:

Playing the system brings a win in a number of cases. Playing without system, usually as a result of a series of losses (the so-called black bar), the player starts to get nervous, throw money, which leads to even greater loss. Playing the same system, we ourselves seem to be like a computer and are waiting for the results. And the results can be different – then she and the game.

Game strategies are developed on the basis of probability theory and combinatorics by calculating the probability of each subsequent event after the first stage of the game. In reality, you do not need to sit down for higher mathematics textbooks to optimally play poker and blackjack. Optimal strategies have long been calculated by mathematicians.

You can see some of them on this site. There are also computer programs that will perform all calculations for you and prompt the optimal move. But remember: the optimal does not always mean a winning one.


Game systems for 300 years have created a great many. Despite their diversity, most of them are divided into 3 types:

system of negative progression: you increase the bet, when you lose in the hope of the next play by increasing the rate to compensate for the loss in the previous series. It is required to have a reserve of means for a victory. (On the contrary, sometimes getting on the so-called black strip is very painful, since it leads to a great loss). The high probability of a little win is offset by the rare probability of a big loss.

systems of positive progression: You increase the bet when you win. This type of system is based on the assumption that having got into the band of luck having spent a little money you can count on a big enough win. Such systems require less initial means. (The probability of winning is small, but if you succeed, you can expect a large amount). For example, starting with putting 1 dollar for color in roulette and putting the original amount plus winning on the color of guessing 7 times you can get 128 dollars. The probability of this is only 0.65%, however, the winnings are not bad either.
Insurance systems: Combination of the two previous systems. You reduce the size of your bet, after winning, usually after a high initial bet or after a successful series on progressive wins. Then play further (also called “leap”)

Regardless of the type of systems used, they do not influence the overall probability of winning or losing, but they affect the possible outcomes of the game. Look at how the possible results of 100 games at a bank of 100 cu were distributed. when playing at equal chances in roulette without the system (red chart) and using the system of alembera (blue) and the martingale system (green): The distribution of results when playing roulette

As can be seen from the graph, the application of the system increases both the possible gain and the possible loss. The schedule is compiled using the programĀ  which you can download for free on the manufacturer’s website . With this program, you can see the change in the probability of winning and losing when using different gaming systems and check your own.

Before you start playing for money, you can get acquainted with the strategies and systems on our website. You can come up with your own system. However, having won several times on the system, it is not worth hoping for a permanent win. Many people lost big money believing that they found a win-win system. because such principle can not be – otherwise the casino as a business would have to close. However, the application of strategies, systems, if there is luck, can help you win more often.